Which Fuel type to opt for – Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG?

Petrol, Diesel, LPG (Auto Gas) or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) – which fuel option should I choose? This is one of the common and often a confusing question for a new car buyer. In this post I will try to give an answer to this assuming that you have finalized a car and it is available in all four fuel options.

Before starting, just want to highlight that power and pick-up of the car do get compromised a bit along with boot space if you are running on LPG or CNG fuel-type. However, this is marginal and you can adjust your driving style accordingly. On the other hand, modern day diesel cars are equally refined as petrol variant but, require higher maintenance cost compared to others.

Coming back to our original question, following would be the cost scenario for almost any car you buy irrespective of segment:

Type of Fuel Cost of Car (INR.) Milage (kmpl) Cost of Fuel (INR.) Running Cost (INR.)
Petrol 500,000 15 59 3.93
LPG 525,000 14 36 2.57
CNG 550,000 19 29 1.53
Diesel 600,000 20 38 1.90

When to go with a petrol car?

If your car’s running requirement is less than 600 kilometers a month or 7,500 kilometers in a year, simply choose a Petrol variant as you would not be able to offset the additional cost of any other fuel-type. It will take around 3 years to break-even if you think of buying a car with other fuel options.

When to go with a LPG car?

If your car’s running requirement is around 10,000+ kilometers in a year, you can opt for a LPG variant which would provide you with a good bargain in long run. Moreover, the advantage with LPG is that it is easily available in most of the cities in India as well as highways so you can go for those long drives without the need of switching to petrol mode.

When to go with a CNG or Diesel car?

If your car’s running is more than 1,500 kilometers monthly, you should ideally choose between a CNG or Diesel variant as they would be most cost effective. CNG has an overall lower cost of ownership compared to Diesel in terms of initial investment, running as well as maintenance. Having said that, a diesel car would give you more punch (read it as power and pick-up). In-fact modern day diesel cars are more powerful than their petrol siblings (leave alone CNG/LPG) due to really high torque that comes at very low RPM. Also, diesel cars can travel the most distance on a tank full whereas CNG can do only 150-200km depending upon the tank capacity you have fitted-in. So if you really love long drives or frequently go out-station for work or leisure then opt for diesel as CNG is currently available only in select cities which can also be a problem as you will end up running on petrol for most part of your journey which would not be a good preposition. Also, re-fuelling CNG takes much more time than tanking up diesel or petrol.

The above are my personal experience and thoughts and if you feel that something is amiss or incorrect then please do provide feedback in the comments section below and I will update it.

Posted April 2nd, 2011 in Cars.


  1. Shweta Das:

    The information provided on maruti swift car was very useful.It is always good to know that their are blogs so dedicated to providing information that is seriously concerned with the reader’s needs.Thanks for sharing your insights with us through your blog.

  2. Ankit:

    Thanks Sweta.

  3. Mayank:

    Hi Ankit,

    I have a Maruti Alto 2005 model. I have run it for 27000 kms only. I wanted to sell this car and buy a Maruti Swift Diesel car.

    However, on one of your blogs, you have mentioned that diesel cars should be bought only if someone plans to use the car over 1500 kms a month.

    I want to use my car regularly but find it difficult to drive it as petrol prices have soared up high. I also enquired about a few LPG cars in Bangalore. But most dealers advice against buying LPG cars. One of the Hyundai showrooms in Bangalore said that the company has stopped selling LPG Santro. I don’t know if that’s the truth.

    But I need some advice from you. Could you please help?


  4. Ankit:

    Hi Mayank,

    I will try to answer your query in two parts where in the first, I will compare the petrol and diesel cost differences and in the later will talk about alternate fuels like LPG and CNG. However, honestly you would not get much benefit shelling out extra money for fuel option other than petrol with your current running requirements.

    Your yearly running is about 4,500km (27,000km/6yrs) which translates to around 400km a month. In my opinion you should not opt for diesel car and go with a petrol car only. Here is the math.

    Referring to my blog post above, here is calculation considering that petrol prices are around INR.71/- and diesel is priced at around INR.41/- in Bangalore city currently.

    Petrol Swift Mileage = 15 kmpl
    Diesel Swift Mileage = 20 kmpl
    Per km cost:
    Petrol = INR.4.7/- +INR.1.5/- maintenance which translates to INR.6.2/- per km
    Diesel =INR.2.05/- + INR.2.0/- maintenance which translates to INR.4.05/- per km
    Difference in running and maintenance cost = INR.2.15/-

    Now, considering that your yearly running is 5,000km, you will be saving around INR.10,750/- per year on a diesel car compared to petrol. This mean that in a 5 year period you will save INR.53,750/- which is only half the additional cost (INR.100,000/-) that you will have to shell out when opting for a diesel over petrol variant.
    Consider that you did a Fixed deposit in bank of INR.100,000/- @ 7.5% pa and buy a petrol car. Then you will get around INR.44,000/- as interest in 5 years period . Now you can calculate yourself what this means in absolute cost. (You can do the above calculation considering petrol prices soar to INR.100 per litre and still you will find petrol as better option.)

    Using alternate fuels:
    Both Hyundai Santro and Maruti Wagon R are coming with company fitted LPG kit and I have not yet heard of any of them being discontinued. I don’t know why were you told that santro lpg is getting discontinued. Santro GL plus LPG is very much available.

    You can also opt for CNG vehicle if it is easily available in your city. Or can get it fitted from an authorized dealer in your Alto (but this would mean loss of power and pickup). For CNG vehicle, a better option can be Hyundai Accent CNG where no power and pickup loss is felt and is really a good bargain from price point as well (almost same price as swift diesel).

    Finally, you will have to take a call yourself basis the cost implication and anticipating your car’s running in a month/year. Do not forget to test drive the cars as it would give you a better picture of power and pickup along with comfort of driving.

    If you still feel that you should be going with a diesel (assuming your running would increase in coming years), I would recommend you also test drive Ford Figo as it is a real value for money with good space and features. Also, Maruti Suzuki is expected to launch an all new Swift (with a larger wheelbase) by end of this month / next month so you can wait for that.


  5. ranit das:

    Is car running on CNG / LPG has short life span than petrol run cars? If yes or no please give me the details in beautiful tabular form as above.

  6. Ankit:

    Hi Ranit,

    My father owns a Maruti Wagon R in which we got CNG kit installed from authorized dealer around 4 years ago and since then we have done around 50,000km on CNG. Apart from the lower power and pick-up no other issues have been faced so far. Many of my friends own CNG and LPG vehicles and none of them complained about a troubled engine due to alternate fuel fitment. (Make sure that CNG/LPG fitment should be done from authorized dealers only)

    Note that Maruti Wagon R, Chevrolet Spark and Hyundai Santro all come with company-fitted LPG and ‘warranty’. Also, in Delhi NCR region most of the public transport is run on CNG. If there would have been any engine issues I guess the Radio cabs would surely be NOT using CNG option as they run around 100,000km a year which would mean frequent engine maintenance and higher cost.

    As far as I know CNG/LPG has very minimal effect on engine, say around 5-10%. So if we assume that a car’s engine life is 300,000km then it might decrease to 270,000km at max while running on alternate fuels.

    Hope this solves your query.

    Note: Above reply is based on the assumption that by short life-span you meant reduced engine life of a car.


  7. Akshay:

    I have booked SANTRO GLS Eco-LPG its my first car and i dnt mind spending rs 25000 extra on LPG as an future low running cost option compared to petrol. I wanna know abt the milage of SANTRO GLS on LPG and on Petrol. What about milage with A/C on and off. for both fuel options? And is my selection correct with an avergae running of 400-500 kms/mnth and i am sure dis will increase considrably within a year.

    all your above post where help full, thanx for putting all this online… !! Good Work.. Keep it up…

  8. Ankit:

    Hi Akshay,

    Congrats on booking your first car!
    I personally think Maruti Suzuki WangonR Duo would be a better option than Hyundai Santro LPG. I hope you have test driven both the vehicles and if not then I would highly recommend it as it helps a lot in deciding. Having said that, Hyundai Santro LPG is NOT at all a bad option and with its current deals is a great value for money. Regarding fuel averages, Santro should give around 13-14kmpl on LPG while when running on petrol it should deliver around 15kmpl. But the mileage also depends upon your driving conditions and styles and might vary accordingly.
    Generally, I have noticed that whatever may be the fuel type their is a difference of around 2kmpl when the car AC is on or off.
    Lastly, as you said that your running should increase by end of the year considerably, going for a LPG vehicle should not be a bad idea.


  9. Sameer:

    I am little bit confuse in buying a car for me. Actually currently i will be driving only 500km/pm. Therefore petrol car is the best option for me and i am thinking for maruti swift car. But in the next few months my running may get increase upto 1500km/pm. Therefore cng car will be the best option and i am thinking about i10 magna with company fitted cng but i don’t know how i10 performs on cng. Will it be a good buy even if my monthly running doesn’t increase?
    Can I think about maruti swift diesel? But I have heared that maintenance cost of diesel car is high than cng. Is it really true?

    Please help me to find a good car. This will be my first car. Thanks.

  10. Ankit:

    Hi Sameer,

    With monthly running just 500 km, you would be better off with a petrol car only. You can even check out Toyota Etios Liva for that matter which comes in petrol.

    Regarding Diesel car, the initial cost is approx. Rs.100,000/- more than its petrol sibling. Also, diesel require more maintenance than petrol but not as high as it used to be. Still diesel is better suited only with 1500km + monthly running. If you think you can recover the diesel’s cost with-in 3-4 yrs compared to petrol, than you can opt for it. Some of the good value for money diesel options can be the new Chevrolet Beat Diesel and Ford Figo along with new Maruti swift that is about to launch shortly. Here is a post on cost of ownership of Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel which might be helpful.

    Regarding i10 CNG, it is a good car and the performance is good too. My brother recently got one and is good to drive. So if you want you can go ahead with this option. Having said that, you also can thing of buying i10 without CNG for now and once your running actually increases, get CNG fitted from authorized dealer. This way you can save on additional 40-50K upfront (or insurance interest in case of opting for car insurance).

    Let me know if this helped.


  11. Larry:

    Hi Ankit,
    I have booked CHEVY BEAT LT LPG. My travelling requirement is around 800 km/month. I am confused over the decision of buying an LPG powered vehicle. I have a LPG filling station within the reach of 1/2 km from my home, so filling LPG wont be an issue. But many advice that the maintenance of LPG powered vehicle is more than the petrol. If so what would be the maintenance expense incurred?. Please suggest whether I can go for BEAT LT LPG or PETROL? or Do you suggest anyother vehicle other than BEAT?

  12. Ankit:

    Hi Larry,

    Chevrolet cars comes with complete warranty and maintenance for upto 3 years so I guess you should not worry about cost of maintenance. Regarding increase in maintenance cost, I can only say that any extra machinery (LPG fitting in this case) that is added to any engine would bring some additional cost but do not worry as it will be not exponentially high and should be very minimal.

    Though in LPG options, I must say that Maruti Wagon R duo is one of the best contenders in terms of performance and maintenance cost and should be test driven once before making any final decision.


  13. Vaibhav r k:

    I am planning to buy small car want to know which will be best cng fitted small car available. Can u suggest best cng and best diesel car in small car segment please let us know disadvantages of cng in long run plus why to fit LPG over cng when running cost is low for cng with consideration that both are assessable to me. And last question —how you find Chevrolet Beat internal space I mean is it small.

  14. Ankit:

    Hi Vaibhav,

    Biggest advantage of LPG over CNG is that you don’t have to compromise with the boot space in a small car provided LPG is company fitted like in Wagon R duo or Santro LPG. Apart from that on tank full, with LPG you can roughly travel double the distance than on CNG. Also, with CNG power and pickup take a high hit compared to LPG

    Good CNG options can be Hyundai i10 1.1 or Wagon R with company fitted kits that comes with complete warranty as well as deliver an average of around 23-25 km per kg of CNG. Other options also include Chevrolet Beat.

    Chevrolet Beat diesel has decent space (leg room/ head room ) inside (unless you are exceptionally tall) and performs really well in city driving. However, boot space of the car is too small to handle any long weekend trips. Another great value for money diesel car is Ford Figo that has best in class space and boot space is also the best. It can be termed as an ideal family small car. You can also wait for Maruti Swift Diesel to launched next week that is the benchmark as well as best performer in the diesel segment. However, new swift might be priced higher than the outgoing one.


  15. nitin:

    hi ankit,
    i have to decide between hyundai accent cng and new swift diesel vdi. my daily running would be 50 kms. i want to know how much average i can get with accent cng and pls do the detailed comparison for me.


  16. Ankit:

    Hey Nitin,

    Hyundai Accent CNG will give you around 15-16 km per kg of CNG while Swift Diesel will give you 19 kmpl in city traffic conditions. However, as per my knowledge Swift Diesel has a waiting period of atleast 6 months currently and you will have to decide if you can wait for that time period. On the other hand Hyundai Accent CNG is available easily and will boost of much larger boot space (even after CNG fitment) along with rear seat leg room when compared to Maruti Swift. From style perspective Swift wins hands down and will be more peppy and fun to drive as well. No matter which car you go with both of them has a great track record.


  17. Hemant Sharma:

    Hi Ankit,

    Your information above are quite useful.

    I want to decide between Maruti Swift Dzire and Hyundai Accent. I have plans to convert it to CNG. Which one would be a better choice if compared for Power and Pick up on CNG and less compromise on Boot space as well. Any other better CNG option in the same catagory.

  18. Ankit:

    Hi Hemant,

    I think Maruti does not recommend fitment of CNG in Swift Dzire so you should consider Hyundai Accent CNG (company fitted) as it is a really good car with lots of boot space even with CNG cylinder fitted. Also, power and pickup of Accent does not take a hit with CNG and is all round a value for money car own.
    Another option you can consider is the Chevrolet Aveo CNG which is also covered under the no maintenance Chevrolet promise of 3 years.


  19. Jitendra:

    Thanx 4 ur expert info. Dude,
    actualy im planning to buy a hatchback car in diesel platform. I’ve already drive my frnd’s figo diesel which was a quite good experience. but im a lil bit confused b/w swift 2011 / ford figo / vw polo / beat / i20. my preference in best mileage, good suspension plus handling. I’ve heard somewhere dat da soft da suspension da less handling.. also plz tell me is beat diesel gud for long journeys like 300-500kms in one short as it has only 1.0litre engine.

    hope 2 hear soon

  20. Ankit:

    Hi Jitendra,

    IMO, Hyundai i20 has the lowest mileage figures of around 15-16 kmpl and is comparatively costly and if you do decide to spend that money I will bet on Volkswagen Polo for its sturdy frame and amazing road grip along with great ride comfort and better mileage for long distance travel. Chevrolet Beat will not be a good option if you want to do long runs of 300-500 kms at a stretch as Beat is a good city commuter with its small and peppy engine but definitely not built for frequent highway travel. Ford Figo is by far the best value for money car of the lot with a decent mileage figures of around 20-22 kmpl on highway with great internal space. Having said that Swift Diesel 2011 is even more peppier with superb handler than its predecessor with great mileage figures. However, swift has a waiting period of about 6 months. I will suggest a Vw Polo if you have the money to spend or Swift Diesel if you can wait for 6 months. Otherwise, Figo does make a good choice with features like airbags and ABS under 6 lacs which are a great boon for highway journeys.


  21. Jitendra:


    ohh cool, but my 75% run is within da city limit.
    the design of beat diesel attracts me alot & polo is a newcomer + costly, i mean i can get fully loaded LT(Option pack) in arround 5.75 lacs but in polo i might be getting da second highest varient in more dan dat price. beat promises to giv 24kmpl but i hope it will give atleast 20+ in city, while polo offers arround 22kmpl but im lillte bit confused, coz i’ve to pay more initialy+ after sales services is costly( i’ve heard) + less resale value.

  22. Ankit:

    As I said, Ford Figo will be the best value for money car with enough space inside for a family of 4-5 and maintenance cost will be around 50-60 paise per kilometer. Chevrolet Beat is a really good car with great style however; you might feel the lack of space especially while travelling with the family and will have to face the challenge to stuff your luggage as the boot space is too small. So you have to take a final call if you need practicality (space, comfort) or style keeping in mind the duration for which you want to keep this car.
    Yes, VW Polo is expensive but will give you a better ride comfort and you will feel in complete control even on higher speeds. Also, be informed that maintenance might be high on Polo but its service schedule is at every 15,000 km in place of 10,000 km for other cars.


  23. Jitendra:

    what is da actual average of HYUNDAI ACCENT LPG in city ride conditions?? any other cheap pricez mid size sedan in accent price??

  24. Ankit:

    I have little idea of Hyundai Accent LPG mileage (no one in my circle has one), though it should give you around 12kmpl. However, Hyundai Accent CNG does gives a mileage of 15-16 kmpl. Why don’t you check out Tata Manza Diesel which is really big on space and comfort.

  25. Shakeel:


    My monthly run is about 1500 km/m. Which fuel type i should go for ?
    I am thinking about Hyundai i10 with company fitted CNG kit. How does it perform on CNG and what mileage does it give? What may be the life of this car on CNG? I have heard that running a car on CNG will low down the mileage of it on petrol. Is it true?
    Can u suggest me which car i should go for either in CNG of diesel whichever is best?

  26. Ankit:

    Hi Shakeel,

    If you are looking to drive mainly in the city and does not require boot too often, you can go with the CNG. Hyundai i10 should give you around 23-24 kilometer per kg of CNG with AC. Mileage figures do not drop with CNG fitment. It’s the way you drive that makes most of the difference on fuel economy.
    If you actually do long journeys at stretch or require boot space, a diesel car would make a better options. In this case you can choose Maruti Swift, Maruti Ritz, Ford Figo or the Chevrolet Beat as all of them are good value for money cars.


  27. Jitendra:

    Do u have any idea about Mahindra Thar Jeep ?? like price or features or maintenance etc??? i was lukin for it on the net, & i liked it alot..
    thanx :)

  28. Deepti:

    Hi Ankit

    Truly a praiseworthy initiative!

    We are planning to buy a small car – preferably Maruti Alto or Hyundai Santro and our most important criterion is cost-effectiveness. We travel about 50 km a day. Which option do you think will be better – in terms of the vehicle and fuel?

  29. Ankit:

    Mahindra Thar is one of the cheapest 4×4 you can buy in India at around 6.5 lacs. The engine is really refined and does the off-road duty with ease. You will not be disappointed with its off-roading capability though should first acquire some know-how on the basic of off-road driving before taking it to muddy waters to avoid any troubles as off-road driving skills are complete different from city driving where you cannot afford to unnecessary accelerate. As far as I know, the maintenance cost of Mahindra Thar is not too high and it should easily give a mileage of around 13kmpl.

  30. Ankit:

    Hi Deepti,

    Owning to a tall-boy design of Hyundai Santro, it will offer you more space on the inside than the Maruti Alto. In terms of fuel economy, Maruti Alto has an edge especially the Alto K10. Maintenance wise, both the cars are almost maintenance-free and have a proven track-record. If you wish to get CNG/LPG options in your car just be informed that with addition of CNG the boot space will be unusable. Also, in normal Alto CNG due to smaller engine (800cc) size the power and pick will be more of a challenge than in the case of Hyundai Santro CNG. In both the cars you will feel lack of power especially when climbing flyovers in CNG mode. You can check the Hyundai Santro LPG option as it is intelligently fitted freeing-up the the boot space.


  31. Jitendra:

    thanx buddy…………. :D B) GOD BLESS YOU

  32. Jitendra:

    hi dude,

    can i replace da standard wheels of beat-d from a big size wheels (15″) and broader tyre?? or can i install a sun-roof too??? As i finaly buy da all new beat diesel LT. I like overall looks n feel of da vehicle except the wheels n tyres, which decreses da looks sumhow. how much does it cost n is dat sumhow decreases da fuel efficiency. rite now im getting 19kmpl approx.

    hope to hear soon….!!! :)

  33. Ankit:

    You can get the alloys and bigger wheels which will cost you starting from Rs.5000/- per wheel to sky is the limit depending upon quality and brand. Yes, fuel economy does gets a small hit with change in standard tyre size due to increased contact with the surface. Note that the actual fuel economy might drop only by 1 kmpl due to wider tyre size however, you might calculate it as 1.5-2kmpl as many odometer works on the principle of number of tyre rotations to calculate distance taking circumference of standard recommended tyre as base for calculation. Since circumference will increase the actual distance traveled shown by odometer will reduce leading to lower fuel economy numbers.
    Regarding sunroof installation, check with the dealer if that might incur loss of warranty contract or not. Also, in case you get that fitted go with some authorized vendor/dealer to avoid an leakage (water/dust) in long term.

  34. Jitendra:

    so kindly suggest da best size i can install? I study alot on net but cant find any specific size of alloys n tyres which i can install. Actually i just wanna give my beat da concept beat look, as we watch at da auto expo, specially da wheels n flat tyres

    plz give the name of gud Indian brand of mag wheels n offcourse da best size i can install. Btw i dnt wanna compromise wid my ride quality n handling.

    I wish i can make it…. ;)
    by da way thanx for ur all support. :)

  35. Ankit:

    The best size is generally the one recommended by the car manufacturer :) So, you can first see if you can get alloys for the current set of tyres only. If that does not satisfy your appetite of style, you can go at with wider alloys and tyres, still I will recommend not be increase on the alloy radius. Again I will recommend against low-profile tyres as they are a bit uncomfortable for the Indian roads as will not be able to soak up the bumps properly.
    You can go for the Aura alloy wheels for basic but trusted options or the Neo alloys for more stylish options. If you want to get a bit high-end alloys then can go with Oz

  36. Naresh:

    i want to buy a small car like Hyundai i10 or Chevrolet Beat diseal…but confused…Plz suggest me that whether i have to go to Beat Diseal or i10 CNG…


  37. Ankit:

    Please note that CNG i10 will give you a mileage of around 23-25km/kg of CNG while Chevrolet Beat diesel will give around 20kmpl. You should make your decision based on answers to following questions:
    1. Whether you require Boot space (i10 CNG will not provide any)?
    2. Do you frequently travel long distances (with CNG you get a driving range of around 150-175 km only)?
    3. Power and pick will take a hit if driving on CNG. Are you ready for this compromise?

  38. Abhishek Jadia:

    I want to buy a second hand Car. With petrol price at 70 should I buy a second hand CNG car or a petrol car? My usage will be low

  39. Ankit:

    if you monthly running is less than 500 km then just go for a petrol car as any additional cost will not have enough ROI. Also, I will suggest that you buy a second hand car for an authorized dealer like Maruti True Value where you will get warranty on your car as well as satisfaction in terms of document and legal formalities completion.

  40. Vaishali:

    Hi Ankit,

    Am planning to buy a CAR. Am a first time buyer and bearing a small family in Mumbai. Am bit confussed while selection of model as to go for which Fuel i.e. Petrol or CNG. My monthly running would be approx. 500 to 600 KM a month but not having daily running. Would be using the CAR in weekends only.

    Seeing the above responses from you, am sure you can help me out.
    1) Considering the running per month can i go for CNG? or for petrol?
    2) If i take DUO i.e. CNG and Petrol….will this help me, can i run CAR in switch mode? Will that effect my CAR in long term.
    3) Which would be the right choice as am not planning to change my CAR till next 6 to 7 years.
    4) Which option is having low maintenance and will keep engine fit.

    Sir, request you to pls guide. Thanks for your help in advance.

  41. Ankit:

    Hi Vaishali,

    1) I think for a monthly running of only about 500 km you should consider petrol option for now. You can always get CNG fitted later (from authorized dealers only) if your monthly running increases.
    2) By default when you go with a CNG vehicle, you always have an option to run your car on either CNG or Petrol. You can simply switch between the modes with a press of a button. Most of the cars (at least ion Delhi) now-a-days are running on CNG and apart from pick-up and power there is no other drawback of CNG as such.
    3) This is depend upon your budget. Though if you decide to settle for a petrol vehicle for now, I think choose between Maruti and Hyundai as it is much easier to get CNG installed in them later and generally does not give any issues if fitted from authorized dealers.
    4) As I said, CNG cars would have Petrol option by default. CNG vehicles are generally maintenance-free and requires the same service schedule as any petrol vehicle. With CNG, your engine life might reduce by a mere 10% in long term but now-a-days engine life is really high (atleast 200,000 km), so there is hardly any difference.

    Hope this helps.


  42. Murali:

    I have heard that Diesel cars have to be driven almost once or twice a week, or it shall have high maintenance cost., effects engine, or what so ever due to non usage of it. I am planning to buy a Hatchback Diesel car. If i am in town, i take it out to office @30km up and down and weekend drives around the same distance. If i am out of station, 2-4 months no one drives it, but i can ask some one to start it and leave it for sometime. Please ignore the cost factor of the car. So do you still suggest to go for a Diesel Car. Thanking you in advance. Regards MK

  43. Vaishali:

    Thanks for your reply Ankit….this would really help. God bless.

    Will settle for Petrol as of now.

    I have choosen 2 cars for this of my choice.
    1) MS Wagon R VXI
    2) Hyundai EON

    a) Can i trust EON? in just its launch
    b) Will this a durable CAR and stay with us long term maintenance free.
    c) Have heard that EON with 814 CC engine will give problems in continuous running and climbing the fly overs or ghats.
    e) No issues with me for that much power and pick-up.

    Pls suggest on this please.

  44. Ankit:

    You can actually go in for any of the two options – Maruti Suzuki Wagon R or new Hyundai Eon. All cars now-a-days undergo rigorous testing before launch and Hyundai has a really good track record whether Santro or i10 or any other vehicle. In this segment the Eon should also be pretty much maintenance free as the Santro. Though few things to consider will be:
    1. Maruti WagonR will have an edge on the inside space. So tall people can sit more comfortably due to good headroom
    2. If you plan to get CNG installed in future, WagonR will be a better choice due to larger engine size. With CNG on 814 cc engine of Eon you might have to really struggle while driving on the ghats. However, no such problems should be noticed on petrol mode.
    3. Hyundai Eon being a new kid on the block has advanced new-age technology and design along with much better mileage, engine refinement than the WagonR.


  45. Ankit:

    Today’s diesel does not require similar maintenance as they used to say 10 years ago. Now, the diesel vehicles are as good infact i will say better than petrol in terms of refinements. However, from your query I see that your yearly running will only be around 8000km which is 700km per month approx. I do not think that you should opt for diesel variant as you might not get the break-even even in 5 years time for the additional one lacs that you will have to spend upfront for diesel (check numbers below). I will suggest you should settle for a petrol.

    Total Running in 5 years = 40,000 km
    Fuel Cost for running on Diesel = Rs.84,000 (Keeping mileage @ 20kmpl and cost @ Rs.42 per litre)
    Fuel Cost for running on Petrol = Rs.175,000 (Keeping mileage @ 16kmpl and cost @ Rs.70 per litre)

    Remember, for Diesel you will spend 1 lac extra as well as Rs.84,000/- to buy the fuel and run 40,000km while on petrol you will only spend 175,000/-.
    Also, diesel do have a bit higher maintenance cost.

    Hope this helps.


  46. Deepak:

    Hi there ….
    I am planning to buy maruti swift dzire. As a matter of fact have already booked a vdi model. But am still very confused for the fuel varient. My monthly run will be max 1500 kms per month. I feel it shouldn’t be more than 1200 per month now. I am really confused as I can get the Zxi model at the same price. I wanted the ABS option but thats not available with the vxi/vdi models. I had a petrol car before which I recently sold off. Was also concerned as I’ve heard of a new dzire coming. But since the launch is not announced it will take time. Will it be worth the wait ? Please advice ….

  47. Ankit:

    If your running will increase to 1500 km within a year or so than you should consider a diesel option. Just check with your dealer if ABS is available as optional as it used to be an option on Maruti Swift Vxi/Vdi earlier.
    Yes, new Maruti Swift Dzire is coming which will be shorter than the current version (under 4 meters) much like Indigo CS and hence should be cheaper as will benefit from Government rules. As timeline is not yet disclosed and might see a really good booking period just after the launch so wait only if you do not need the car immediately. Another really good option that you can consider is the Tata Manza which has lots and lots of space with great performance.


  48. Hemant:

    Hi Ankit,

    We have small family and buying the car for the first time. Not of a running per month but require car with good mileage as Petrol rates are rising.

    We shotrlisted two cars i.e. Wagon R VXI and Chevy Beat.

    Require your help in sharing your views on:
    1) Is BEAT a mantainence free car?
    2) What are the other pros and cons of BEAT?
    3) How is it if BEAT is compared with WAGON R?
    4) What is your suggestion out of these two? Your views pls.

    Thanks in advance and appreciate your response….

  49. Ankit:

    Hi Hemant,

    1. Chevrolet Beat require similar amount of maintenance as Maruti’s Wagon R or Hyundai i10. Also, with 3 years maintenance warranty on Beat you should not worry about it.
    2/3. Chevrolet Beat has a smaller boot space compared to Maruti Wagon R as well as lesser headroom at the rear. You should get a mileage of around 17-18kmpl on Beat while 18/19kmpl in Wagon R on highways. On the flip side, Beat has more power and punch in the 1.2L engine compared to Wagon R’s 1.1L engine. So Beat is more fun to drive than Wagon R.
    4. I have Wagon R at my home from past 7 years and my cousin is driving Beat from almost 2 years now. Honestly, both of them are equally matched in terms of pros and cons. One think that I will point out here is that over the years I have seen Maruti’s service (after sales) quality has deteriorated probably because they get so many vehicles daily which are beyond there capacity (at least the service center I visit) which is not a problem with Chevrolet as of now. As an example, earlier I used to get my Maruti serviced and never had to go again until next schedule however, now I often have to re-visit them twice/thrice as something or the other is not taken care of the first time during service.

    Hope this helps.


  50. Deepak Chopra:

    Hi Ankit,

    Hope you are doing good.
    I am planning to buy a car and I am confused between new swift diesel (VDi) and chevelot aveo CNG.I am considering aveo against swift vdi as the on-road price difference is not much and by paying a little extra money i can get a sedan.:)
    I want to know about the after sales services,maintainence and spare parts prices of aveo cng as I am not really sure of chevelot brand in terms of maintainence and after sales services. Is it worth buying aveo cng against swift diesel??
    Please tell me the comparision between the two keeping the above mentioned factors in mind.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Deepak Chopra

  51. Ankit:

    Hi Deepak,

    Honestly I do not know much about Chevrolet Aveo CNG’s performance however, I sure can confirm that Aveo on Petrol is a really good car to have as one of my friends has it for around 2-3 years. Regarding cost of maintenance, he went for the Chevrolet 3 years promise warranty so has not paid anything as of date. And I will recommend that you should also take the Chevrolet warranty. IMO on CNG Aveo should be able to deliver decent performance as they are using advanced technology in company fitted CNG models and should be a good buy. Regarding Maruti Swift Diesel, there is a huge waiting period of about 5-6 months so you need to ask yourself if you are ready for that? Though this is a true gem of a car with great performance and mileage.

    I will also suggest that you should check out (test drive) the Hyundai Accent CNG as it is also a really good buy from value of money point of view and performs really well on CNG.

    Hope this helps


  52. Hemant:

    Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for your revert on Nov 2, 2011. Always appreciate your quick reverts.

    Bit confused whether to go for Petrol version or go for LPG / CNG, as am buying the car for the first time. My monthly running would approx. 500 and can be increased to 800/1000 if i get better fuel variant then petrol.

    Request your help in this.
    1. Whether LPG/CNG vehical?
    2. Amogest 2 which is the better option to select CNG or LPG in terms of engine performance, its wear-n-tear and maintaince cost in future.
    3. BEAT LPG option is better or any other LPG vehical (if you suggest me for LPG)
    4. Wagon R CNG option is better or any other CNG vehical (if you suggest me for CNG)

    Pls guide, your suggestions really helps. Thanks bro.

  53. Ankit:

    Hi Hemant,

    With current running of only 500km a month you can actually settle with petrol for now. As you can always get CNG/LPG fitted from authorized station later when your running increases, though LPG will block boot space which you save in factory fitted duo options. But if you think your driving will increase to 1000km per month within next 4-5 months itself then I will say you can opt for CNG/LPG option as this saves a lot of hassles like getting re-registration, adding the CNG/LPG fuel option on insurance and also it might help escape some warranty issues.

    1/2. I believe that you are getting alternate fuel option to save running cost. In this case CNG makes a better choice than LPG due to price difference between the two fuels along with mileage differences. Eg: Wagon R Duo will give you around 14-15kmpl on LPG while Wagon R on CNG will give around 23-24kmpl. Similar is the case with most cars fuel economy on LPG vs CNG. Both options have silimar wear and tear and does not add to much maintenance. Though with LPG you get two main advantages: Boot Space and longer running range on tank full.
    3. If you choose LPG for its advantage of boot space, you can consider Wagon R Duo. Test drive both the cars and then make a final choice
    4. Apart from Wagon R CNG, Hyundai i10 1.1L CNG does makes a really good choice/option. My cousin recently brought Hyundai i10 CNG and has done 10,000km @ a mileage figure of 25kmpl with AC on. Till date he has not spend a single penny on maintenance (Free service schedule).

    Hope this helps.


  54. Hemant:

    Thanks Ankit. This will help..few more clarifications pls.

    1. Have you heard about BEAT LPG performanance. If yes….pls share. As i like BEAT and Chevy does not give CNG option in BEAT.
    2. I do not have daily use of the CAR. Will be using the car in weekends only. Will this have a impact on the CAR engine and performance if have taken LPG or CNG option. i.e. keeping a car idle for a 5 days in a week with LPG and CNG option.

    Pls suggest.

  55. Ankit:

    1. Overall on LPG the performance of a car does not drop compared with when driven on Petrol. Having said that, the mileage does drops while driving on LPG. For instance, if you car gives 15kmpl on petrol, it will give only about 13kmpl on LPG while on CNG it will give around 19kmpl. I must tell you that Chevrolet Beat gives around 13-14kmpl in city driving conditions, so on LPG it should translate to 12kmpl. Now you will have to decide based upon your needs and taste.
    2. Modern day cars have no such problem and running once a week will not effect engine in any way.


  56. Hemant:

    Thanks Ankit….

    Can BEAT LS model be converted to CNG in future…say after 3 to 4 years. i.e. BEAT is compatible for CNG conversion or not. pls confirm.

  57. Ankit:

    A lot of cars are not recommended for CNG option especially the 1.2 L engine options across the brands. Having said that, I have seen lots and lots of people getting them converted (Maruti Swift and Dzire, Hyundai i10 1.2L, even Beat) with no issues as such. Check the vehicle lineup at the CNG stations. Also, I am sure in next 2-3 years the advancement in CNG fittment will also help and getting Beat converted to CNG should not be a problem.

  58. Kranthi Kumar:


    I have gone through all the posts provided in this link. Many thanks for all the info.

    I have decided to buy WagonR Vxi (Petrol) version as it has so many features when compared to Lxi Model.

    As my usage would be around 700 Kms/ Month, I have planned to take Vxi Model. If my usage increases in future, then I would install CNG. At present only few CNG bunks are available on Hyderabad.

    Plz let me know if I have taken correct decision?

    Secondly, Now a days for CNG vehicles, we are installing a big cylinder (CNG) at the back which covers full boot space. Do you think if there are any hopes of changing the size of cylinder (like lpg) in future…..so that we could have some boot space (I mean in 1 or 2 years).

    Plz suggest me with your ideas.


  59. Venkatesha:

    I have i 20 Magna petrol varient ( 1 year 7 months old ) which gives 12.5kms in city and 14.5kms in highway, my usage will be max. 500kms per month ( in last 17 months i drove only 4000kms ). Now due to steep increase in petrol prices which sooner will touch Rs. 100/- per ltr. in coming years, thinking in long terms investment and savings, can u recommend to sell my car and go for Diesel version ?? Note: we don’t have CNG and LPG pumps on highways

  60. Ankit:

    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is a wonderful car in terms of overall value for money and performance. So, you have made a right decision.

    Yes with CNG you do loose the boot space and even when you try to get your car converted to LPG option at a later date (after purchase) it will mostly consume all your boot space. Even if CNG cylinder size and shape changes in future I think it will be again a challenge to get it fitted on existing models. As for that some modifications might be required in the car (chassis) at company level itself.


  61. Ankit:

    My reply will be against selling the car primarily because:
    1. With your current running you cannot get return on any of the other fuel options that will attract additional cost
    2. Selling car and buying Diesel will mean a minimum investment of 2-2.5 lacs (1 lacs for Diesel and 1-1.5 lacs for depreciation on selling the car). With this money you can run your current car for around 35,000 km when considering petrol price is at Rs.100 per litre. (Cost of Diesel would have been additional on this)
    3. With Government considering different options for curbing Diesel benefit to end user, you should not be taking any decision in haste. What if Government does de-regularize Diesel too?

    Hope this helps


  62. ipad 2 giveaway:

    Great review! You actually covered some great things here. I came across it by using Bing and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, will be following you on my iphone :)

  63. nittin:

    I bought a new Hyundai i10 1.2 (CNG) yesterday, and I’ve been told by the people that I shouldn’t convert the car to the CNG till I’ve travelled atleast 1000 Kilometres . is it true or should start using CNG from 1st kilometer onwards

    Many thanks

  64. Ankit:

    You can start using it on CNG mode as there is no such issue with the company fitted models. Moreover, the switch-over is automatic with new models. Just make sure you always start the car on Petrol mode.

  65. Chandrasekhar P S:

    Hi Ankit,

    I am planning for my first car and am confused. I liked Wagon R Duo, Hyundai i10 and Figo . I drive around 500km a month and occasional long drives around 800km per trip. i would like you to suggest me a vehical which is economical in maintainence and what type of fuel should i opt for.


  66. Deepak Chopra:

    Hi Ankit,

    I am planning to buy a diesel car and I have shortlisted FIGO(ZXI),SWIFT(VDI) and POLO(TRENDLINE).Polo comes with a 3 cylinder diesel engine so is it bad?Will the engine cause more noise with 3 cylinder?What is the difference?
    Figo seems to be a great package and value for money car but cant deny the fact that polo looks are killing and impresses me alot. :)
    I am not really liking swift because at the price of 6.25(on road) I am getting nothing in it(no stereo) and cant deny the fact that at the same price I can get polo trendline which is equalent to swift VDi(feature wise).
    How is the VW A.S.S, spare parts and maintainence cost?
    Please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance

    Deepak Chopra

  67. Ankit:

    Hi Deepak,

    I will not talk about the Maruti Swift because of the fact that it has least amount of space especially in the boot, has longest waiting period as well as you do not like it much compared to VW Polo. Ford’s Figo is by far the best value for money car in this segment is loads of space and features at bargain price. The performance too is good along with fuel economy of around 18-20 kmpl in city. As per my analysis it also attracts least maintenance cost. On the other hand Volkswagen Polo has the best design (subjective but I like it the most), has the best built quality and the engine feels great. In fact last week I test drove both the cars: Polo 1.2 Diesel and the Vento 1.6 Diesel as I am myself planning to buy a new car and believe me the engine noise levels were much lesser in Polo than Vento. Mileage of Polo Diesel is around 18-19kmpl and cost of ownership should be equivalent to Maruti Swift. Note that VW Polo has a service schedule of 15,000km in place of 10,000km for the other two cars. I will say if Polo fits into your budget it surely is a good car, but if you are looking for more gadgets for same price then Figo might make more sense.


  68. thomas:

    can anyone tell me which car to go for and and the fuel variant also, my budget is 5L, usage is less 100 km per month, some times long drive also. i heard buying LPG variant car will effect the life of engine and also the overall performance. Please suggest me a good car to buy by next year jan?

  69. Ankit:

    Hi Thomas,

    As your monthly running is only 100 km a month, you should not worry about petrol prices. Neither will I recommend any alternate fuel for the car. In the range of 5 lacs I will suggest that you should go with Hyundai i10 1.2L as it is a brilliant car. If you meant 1000km per month then you can go with i10 LPG company fitted option which comes with complete warranty. Regarding engine life, there is no known issues if you get CNG or LPG installed.


  70. Gokulprabhu:

    Dear Ankit sir,

    your explanation are very much impressive,practical and trust worthy also.

    i have few clarifications
    1.I have hyundai accent GLE model 2007, Is there is any mileage improvement with respect to hyundai accent Executive model.
    2.I have converted my accent GLE to LPG kit last year.I am getting 11kmpl highway(LPG). It look very poor for me.how do i improve the lpg mileage sir.
    city 13kmpl(petrol), highway 16kmpl(petrol). give ur valuable suggestion to improve the LPG mileage.
    Any modification to be done, for getting increase in LPG mileage?

  71. Ankit:

    Generally, Accent LPG gives a mileage of around 11-13 kmpl only. However, mileage depends upon the driving conditions and style. Read my post on How to improve mileage which might be helpful to you.

  72. Ajay Saini:

    I have shortlisted three cars and have budget of around 6 Lac. I used to travel 1000+ Km in a month.
    I like new Hyundai Accent CNG which gives around 15-16 Mileage on CNG but can not travel beyond 150-160 Km on CNG if required to travel out of station, in this case only option is to run on Petrol which give mileage of 10-11 Km P.liter
    But at-last Hyundai Accent have Sedan look and feel.

    Other option go for Polo Diesel and Figo diesel ZXI variant in which totally confused which one is best as per my budget.

    Hope i get reply on my queries !

  73. Ankit:

    Hey Ajay,

    You need to decide how often you travel long distance (more than 150 km) as Hyundai accent CNG is definitely a good buy if you like the looks. Among VW Polo and Ford Figo, I think value for money will be Ford Figo as within 6 lacs price range it gives you almost all features including music system which I do not think Polo Diesel offers at for base models. Having said that Polo is definitely a better car (built quality and looks IMO) of the two but you will have to shell extra for music system along with compromising in certain other features. I will say Ford Figo fits into your budget just well which has lowest cost of ownership as well compared two other two cars.

    Hope this helps


  74. rahul:

    is thr any option for accent crdi with cng kit…

  75. amit mehta:

    Hi Ankit,
    I am goging to buy Maruti swift, My Usage is 4000 Km Per annum CNG is eassily availabale in our city surat.My Confusion is that I have to Purchase Swift With CNG Opption or should I have to go with Diseal Model. Rate Hike Of CNG Come near about Diseal Price @ Rs.43 Per KG What I have to do ?

  76. Ankit:

    NO. Infact, no diesel car have an optional fuel.
    Moreover, even if there was an option available it does not make any sense to spend Rs.1 lacs extra for a diesel variant and then additional Rs.50K for CNG kit.

  77. Ankit:

    Hi Amit,

    With your annual running of just 4000 km I will never recommend anything but Petrol. Here is the simple calculation:
    Fuel average of Swift Petrol = 15kmpl
    Cost of fuel = Rs.75/- (taken the higher side)
    Cost of running 1 km = 75/15 = Rs.5/-
    Additional cost of CNG = Rs.50,000/-
    Distance that Petrol swift can travel with Rs.50,000/- = 50000/5 = 10,000km (2.5 years as per your running)

    Note that in this calculation I have not added the cost of CNG fuel that you need to buy additional as well as interest loss you will take for that additional amount (plus you will loss the boot space as well). So, it actually means you will reach breakeven only by mid of 4th year. While in case you want to buy diesel you might never be able to reach breakeven in 7-8 years.

    Hope this helps.


  78. sunny:

    plz let me kno i use chevy’s beat LS.
    average travelling would me around 40 kmpl a day.
    should v go for cng or lpg.
    plz reply asap if possible mail

  79. amit mehta:


  80. Ankit:

    Hi Sunny,

    You can either opt for CNG or LPG when you are running 40kmpl. Just make your decision based on:

    1. Do you have adequate filling stations of CNG or LPG near your location.
    2. With CNG you will completely loose the boot space. If you often go on vacation then you might want to settle with LPG
    3. CNG will give more mileage (5-7kmpl extra) than LPG but will cover only 1/3rd distance on tank full compared to LPG


  81. K A Shah:

    Hi Ankit,
    I appreciate you effort which helping us a lot. Thanks!
    I also need your suggestion in buying my first car. I have decided to go for either WagonR CNG or Estilo CNG, kindly suggest me which one is better for me. Am planning to use atleast 30kms per day and atleast a hometown visit in a year which is 900KM apart.

    My first preference is mileage & comfort with budget arround 4-5 lakhs only.


  82. Ankit:

    Out of Maruti Estilo CNG and Maruti Wagon R CNG, I will recommend Wagon R CNG due to more (bit additional) space else both the vehicles are same except for the design. Though I will also suggest that you consider and take a test drive of Hyundai i10 CNG as it is also a worthy competitor in this segment.

    No matter which of these option you go with the after sales support is really good and cost of maintenance is low. You will not regret your decision with any of these vehicles.

    - Ankit

  83. Raj:

    Hi Ankit

    Must say, this is a great initiative what you’ve started.
    Really very helpful.

    I own a Fiat Uno, Diesel, its a good car, but recently I’ve realized that I’ve been spending a lot on its maintenance.

    Frankly speaking, Im totally turned off with the maintenance cost of diesel cars (though not initially, eventually it does), hence Im not even thinking of owning one. I want to upgrade to a sedan, and was considering alternate fuel option, CNG is not available in Goa, hence it leaves me only with LPG, which in-turn leaves only one option i.e. the good old Hyundai Accent (LPG variant).

    As per your previous posts, performance drop is not noticeable in the Accent, its a good VFM entry level sedan, only place where it fails is looks.

    With a daily driving of around 80Kms/day (5 days a week) & occasional long drives, am I doing a wise decision by buying Accent LPG??

    Thanks in advance.

  84. Ankit:

    Hi Raj,

    I do not have have much idea on how much you are spending on per kilometer maintenance of Fiat Uno. Though what I can confirm you is now-a-days diesel cars are really good with reasonable maintenance and you should consider them as your monthly running is more than 1500km. You can read one of my post on Swift diesel maintenance here which will give you an idea on cost of maintenance for Maruti’s diesel engines. Also, I will suggest that in case you decide for a diesel (though you should test drive them all), you have some pretty good options in 5-7 lac range with Maruti Swift Dzire (a new model will be coming in 3-4 months). Toyota Etios, Tata Manza among other hatchback options.

    Still if you want to go with LPG, then you can also consider Chevrolet Aveo as that is also available in LPG mode as far as I remember.


  85. Shankar:

    Hi Ankit,

    I read your blogs and they seem very helpful. It is a very nice initiative.

    I am planning to buy my first car and i think of buying the i10 CNG variant which is available in Mumbai. The avg monthly running of my car would be around 1200-1500 kms.

    I would like to have your view on this. Kindly revert.


  86. Raj:


    Thanks for the prompt reply…
    I went through your Swift Diesel Maintenance blog.
    Must say, its quite convincing.
    But, Swift DZire has a waiting period of minimum 4 months over here, and these days dealers don’t give any offers on diesel variants.
    Had driven Etios (diesel) lately, its pretty impressive, but the center console is a definite no-no for me…
    As you said, I think I should wait for the new DZire to see what it offers…
    But, thanks once again..

  87. KAS:

    Thanks a LOT Ankit!!!!
    I’ll definitely have a look on Hyundai i10 CNG prior to buy.

    One more thing, I recently visited a Maruti Suzuki showroom and have seen a list 25-30 items of additional Accessories which i can buy for my car, mostly in range of Rs. 2000-5000.
    What do you suggest, do we need such accessories?
    Which all accessories are good to improve performance & mileage?
    I’ll not preferred accessories to imporve looks.
    Please suggest those are important to buy.

    Thanks Again!!!!

  88. Ankit:

    Hyundai i10 CNG is a really good car. One of my really close associate had bought it about 6 months ago and he is getting around 24km/kg of CNG with AC on. He has already done 10,000+km and is pretty satisfied with the overall performance. Though a word of caution that please ensure that you go with the company fitted kit itself and do not get it installed from outside as company fitted one is worth the extra money.


  89. Ankit:

    As per my knowledge, non of those accessories can improve your car’s mileage and are mostly to enhance visual appeal of the car. The cost quoted by the company is also higher than the after-market (outside) cost. Though let me know specifically if any of the items they told will help in better mileage.
    Two accessories that I will recommend are the mudflaps (to ensure that under-body is not splashed with mud and water) and foot-mats to avoid carpet spoiling which is really difficult to clean. Seat covers are up to you to decide though you can easily live with the company fitted one and once you feel (after a year or so) that they are getting dirty just get new ones.

    Hope this helps


  90. Kushal S:

    Hi Ankit,

    All were just asking about fuel expenses and maintainence cost, but I am really wanted to ask question regarding accidents.

    If there so exist some leakage in LPG or CNG, what will be the result of it. Because petrol tank will be very nearer to it. Leakage may happen due to fittings problem or may be result of some car crash.


  91. KAS:

    Thanks a Lot Ankit!!!

    Truely speaking I havn’t gone through each and every item in the list of accessories because most of them i couldn’t understand, why it is for.

    Thanks Again!!!!!

  92. Bhupendra Pal Singh:

    Dear Ankit,

    Gone through all your comments / suggestions and found them very useful.

    My query is as follows :

    My daily driving is 50-60 Kms and am planning to purchase a vehicle with a price cap of Rs 5.0 lacs with the following parameters :
    1) Mileage
    2) Environment friendly.
    3) Bootspace for weekend trips.

    With a lot of on-road traveling and a search of Non-polluting vehicle, I had zeroed on i10 CNG. But on learning that i10CNG had bootspace issues, I have no option but to go for Beat Diesel.
    I have been in the impression that the CNG kits which are installed from open markets consume the entire Bootspace whereas the ones installed from factory do it carefully and leave some bootspace…is it true???… If yes then I may think of purchasing i10 CNG.
    Will be obliged if you provide some links to CNG Bootspace photographs…
    Also can you suggest some other CNG options with good bootspace.

  93. Ankit:

    If you are getting the fitment done from authorized service station then there is no need to worry about any leakage. Also, it is recommended that you get your CNG/LPG get periodically checked and tuned any leakages and better efficiency just like you get your vehicle serviced.

    Regarding accidents, it is a similar to the case where no CNG/LPG is installed as petrol tank can still be damaged. CNG cylinders are really tough weighing in around 65kg to hold only 12 kgs of gas while LPG cylinders are also tough enough though nowhere compared to CNG.

  94. Ankit:

    CNG fitment whether from the company or after market dealers will take up all the boot space in small cars (hatchbacks). Though I will recommend you should always go with the company fitted one as that take cares of insurance, RC registration, and warranties from day one itself along with proving better mileage than after market kits. If you need boot space than you either have to go for diesel hatchback or sedan like Hyundai Accent CNG which leaves room for luggage even with CNG cylinder but might overshoot your budget.

    Regarding environment friendly, just want to tell you that today’s diesel are even more refined than the petrol and follow all environment norms. Some diesel cars that you can consider are Chevy Beat, Maruti Ritz, and Tata Indica/Indigo CS. Note that Maruti is soon launching (Jan-12) the new Swift dzire which will be a compact sedan competing with Indigo CS and will have benefit from government’s tax as will be under 4 meters. You might want to check that and get it CNG retrofitted in petrol mode which will also ensure that you have some bootspace for luggage.


  95. Bhupendra Pal Singh:

    Thanks Ankit

  96. Joe Manuel:

    Hi Ankit,

    All the information provided by you was very informative and thanks for that.

    I am planning to buy a used car in the budget of 3.5 Lakhs.My daily usage is 20Kms/day.

    I was initially impressed with wagon r duo but after a test drive i was not convinced by the rear seat spacing and leg room . We are 5 adults would like to travel comfortably.

    But impressed with used swift petrol and i 10 Kappa .But my main concern is mileage.

    Also can i convert swift petrol or i10 kappa to lpg later?

    Please recommend me a car which will be give best mileage and can be converted to LPG with out any problem?

    My choice is

    1) Swift Petrol k series engine or the old swift
    2)i10 Kappa engine

    Please suggest me on this.

  97. Ankit:

    Hi Joe,

    Out of Maruti Swift and Hyundai i10 Kappa that you liked and shortlisted I will recommend i10 Kappa as it provides great mileage (better than Swift) which is your primary requirement. Also, both the cars can be converted to LPG or CNG easily though I will suggest that go in for authorized fitment only and do make necessary changes in the RC, insurance once you get the kit installed. Also, i10 does comes with company fitted LPG option that saves the otherwise wasted boot space (if fitted from outside).


  98. Hemant Dangar:

    Dear Ankit,

    I am planing to buy a Swift LXI and my daily driving will be aprx 50 km hence I will shift to CNG option but I heard that If i will use CNG option then my engine warranty will void as I am not using petrol It that true? and what will be the maintance expense after free service per year means It will increase with KM?


  99. KJB:

    Hi Ankit,

    My father is planning to buy a Maruti Alto LXI. The details are as given below:
    Model: Maruti Alto LXI
    Registration year: November 2010.
    Kms run: around 5000 kms.
    Single handed
    Price quote: 230000 + 30000 ( tax due on october 2012.)

    Could you please let me know if the deal is favorable?


  100. Ankit:


    Honestly, I have very limited knowledge about what can be the best price for a used car as it depends upon a lot of factors like conditions of the car, mileage among others. Regarding Alto Lxi you mentioned what is the tax that you mentioned? Also don’t you think adding a couple of extra rupees to Rs.260,000/- you can buy a new one itself? Then why bother for second hand car?


  101. Ankit:

    Yes, warranty does gets void if the CNG is fitted from outside. I think only Toyota does not treat CNG fitment from outside into warranty issues and still covers all warranties that may arise in the normal petrol running condition. So, do check with your dealer on this.

    Installing CNG does not increase maintenance cost and generally are similar to the petrol maintenance.


  102. Sunny:

    Hi Ankit i wanted 2 know that i will b buying a car in EMI.I travell around 400-500km a month,so which one should be better for me petrol or disel.

  103. Ankit:

    I suggest that you buy a petrol car only. If your running increase in due course of time you can get it converted to CNG (if available in your city) or LPG. This is help in reducing your EMI for 1 lac along with interest over it.

  104. narendra charola:

    which car is good ford figo, hyundai santro gls or hyundai i10 regarding mileage, maintenance and services. My monthly usage will be around 500km.

  105. Rakesh:

    Hi Ankit,
    I would like to buy my first car, I am in confusion between petrol and diesel car.
    My monthy usage would be around 1000KM – and i have limited budget,

    After all my research on diesel cars i found Tata indica V2 LS and Ford Figo Lx are in my budget whcih comes in 5,50,000.

    Please suggest me which car should i take – petrol or Diesel
    If it is a diesel then which one?

    Thanks in Advance

  106. Ankit:

    For mileage, maintenance, service; I will definitely recommend the Hyundai i10 which is a great vehicle. Though if you want a spacious car with decent mileage then go with Ford Figo if you have good service network of Ford in your city. If you foresee that your monthly running might improve then you can go with i10 only as it is really successful on CNG (which can be fitted later).

  107. Ankit:

    If you think that you can easily do more than 15000km in a year then you can opt for Diesel vehicle. From the options you listed you can go with Ford Figo which has maximum space, great mileage and low maintenance cost. I recommend that you should check out the Chevrolet Beat Diesel as well which will fit your budget but is not as spacious as the Figo or Tata Indica..

  108. Sharan:

    I am confused between two Cars – Swift Vxi and Ritz Ldi.
    My monthly running would be around 500km.

    Please suggest me which car should i opt for – Swift Vxi or Ritz Ldi ???

    Thanks in advance.

  109. KAS:

    Hi Ankit,

    I went to Hyundai Showroom at KanjurMarg, Mumbai. I got the current price for the two models:
    i10 Era M 1.1 ltr with CNG = Rs.5L
    i10 Magna M 1.2 Kappa with CNG = Rs.5.5L

    Now following are my queries :
    – I searched on the net and found that 1.2 kappa engine is not good for CNG. Pls. advise on it.
    – which i10 model perform best with CNG.


  110. KAS:

    Hi Ankit,

    With regards to our previous discussions, I started with Wagon R CNG. And now I made up my mind to buy i10 Magna 1.2 kappa engine with CNG, which cost me arround Rs. 5.5 L. But I went through many reviews and found that it has a mileage issue and gave 10-11 KMPL in Mumbai city :-( . Which is heart breaking for me.
    So now am looking for Maruti Swift LXI in this budget range and then fit CNG in it.

    Now I need your conclusion because I am messed up with many things & totally confused.

    I am very OK with Wagon R, Swift, i10 magna kappa having CNG. Mileage is a big concerns for me but performance & comfort as well in the range of Rs 5 – 5.5 L.

    Thanks Again!!!

  111. Ankit:

    My brother has Hyundai i10 Magna 1.1 CNG (company fitted) and is getting a mileage of around 23-24km per kg of CNG with AC on in Delhi NCR traffic. He has already done 16,000km and free services are completed without any troubles. Though I know for sure that the CNG fitted from outside gives a mileage of only around 15km per kg in similar i10 models as my friend got it from outside and is struggling to get anything above 15km/kg. A lot depends upon driving style as well along with driving conditions.
    My personal vote will go for Hyundai i10 Magna 1.1 CNG

    Hope this helps.

  112. Ankit:

    I will suggest check the i10 Magna 1.1 CNG

  113. Ankit:

    For your monthly running of just 500km, diesel does not justify the cost.
    Though if you think your running might increase to 15-20K km each year then you can go in for the diesel Ritz/Swift.

  114. Ankit:

    I think Ford Figo diesel makes more sense as it is a real value for money with great space and mileage. I am assuming that you might easily do 15K km in a year.

  115. KAS:

    Thanks a Lot Ankit.

    Any comments on Maruti Swift.

  116. Ankit:

    Maruti Swift is a really good car and the only issue I see with it is the boot space (really small).
    However, if you plan to get it fitted with CNG then boot will anyways be out of question for any of the hatchback. In that sense it is really a good choice though mu suggestion will be to get the CNG fitted from company itself to avoid any warranty/insurance related issues later.


  117. Kishor Mali:

    Hi Ankit,
    Its kishor here. i read all the updates from last one year. Thanks alot for such a great discussion. my query is,
    I m going to buy my first car. Monthly running 300- 500 km.
    Shortlisted Cars…
    1] Honda Brio
    2] new swift vxi 2011
    3] i 10 magna 1.2
    main Priorities
    1] Best mileage top priority 2] best suspension and performance 3] low maintaince cost

    Pls suggest me Which is best car among above three.

  118. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Kishor,

    Here are my thoughts:
    Honda Brio: Really good car however, will have a slightly higher maintenance cost than the likes of Maruti or Hyundai. Also, it has lesser space (especially boot space) than the other two shortlisted cars
    Maruti Swift Vxi: One of the most successful premium hatchback in the Indian market with really low maintenance cost and a great mileage figure. Only downside (as per me) is the boot space. See if you like the new Dzire as that will neutralize this downside
    Hyundai i10 1.2 kappa: This a probably the right mix of everything you are looking forward to with best mileage figures among the three and low maintenance cost. Also, it boost of a decent boot space compared to the other two.

    So, my vote will go for Hyundai i10 1.2. Though, if you are OK with slightly cramped boot and are getting a great deal (discount) on Maruti Swift 2011 then you should not hesitate and just go for it.

    PS: Bargain really hard with the dealer as its already Feb-12 and you should get some good cash discounts as well as goodies on Swift 2011 model. Also, do compare prices and offers from multiple dealers as they generally vary. One last thing if you go with the Swift; do not go for the car that is displayed at the showroom as they are generally abused by the customers like me :)

    Hope this helps.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  119. Hari Babu E:

    Hi Ankit,

    This is the first time I have visited your blog and I am really amazed with your opinions and thaughts.

    I have just booked a hyundai I10 Era LPG as I am getting a good amount of discount on it. I just want to know whether the this car is good in performance, milage and maintanence?
    Since, I am new to the LPG could you please let me know if we can drive the car alone on petrol when we don’t find the LPG (Sometimes it’s very hard to find LPG filling stations in Hyd) and would there be any problem if we don’t use the LPG for long time?
    Please let me know your thaughts and opinion of Hyundai I10 ERA LPG

    Thanks in advance!!

  120. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hello Hari,

    All hybrid cars (with LPG or CNG as an option) can run in petrol mode. You need not worry and can easily use the vehicle in petrol mode if LPG is not available.
    Running on LPG should yield around 13-14kmpl of mileage while on petrol mode you should get around 17-18kmpl (though a lot might depend upon driving style and driving conditions).
    Overall i10 is really a good car with low cost of maintenance and ample space inside. IMO you should not have any regrets after the purchase.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  121. Hari Babu E:

    Thank you Ankit for your inputs on my queries. I really appreciate your efforts to answer our queries. I feel much relieved now.

    Thank you once again!!

  122. K P Karthi:

    I want to buy a new car. i have seen many sites and comparesions. then i plane to take spark(petrol with lpg). pl. suggest.

  123. Krishna Mohan:

    Hi Ankit,

    This blog is amazing..!! I am from Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam, I was recently employed in Govt Sector. So i want to buy my first car, i am confused in buying. I have an option of buying
    (1) Used SPARK-LS LPG 2009 model for 2.5 lacs
    (2) New SPARK-LT LPG for 4.3 lacs(on Road)
    (3) New Hyundai EON LPG Era + for 4.1 lacs(on road)
    (4) New Maruthi Wagon R Duo Lxi for 4.7 lacs (on road)
    I Think by this time you can know the factor influencing my preferences, as its my first car i am confused whether to take used car r new one. second factor is pricing, lower is best suited for me, so i have listed these which suit my purpose and cars which i like. Please suggest me a suitable car which can optimize my budget and comfort.

    Thanks in advance
    Krishna Mohan

  124. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Chevrolet Spark is a wonderful car with good space inside compared to outside smaller look. With Chevrolet’s 3 year maintenance free promise it is a real value for money.
    It should give you a mileage of 15-16kmpl (from personal experience) on Petrol in city though a lot depends upon driving style and condition while mileage while running on LPG should be around 12-13kmpl. You can simply go with Spark, though I will suggest that you must take a test drive of new Hyundai Eon LPG as well. Being a new launch, Hyundai Eon has some new features and technology (better on mileage).

    Hope this helps.


  125. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Buying a second hand or new car is completely your choice. Though, if you decide to go for second hand car just make sure that the condition of the car is good, the paper work is complete among other things. One good way is to get the car checked any any authorized service station for any troubles with the engine. This checkup report should cast you around Rs.500-750/- but will make sure that you are taking the right decision. This step might not be required if you are getting the car from a mechanic you know well.

    All the cars you have mentioned are good value for money and you can go practically with any one of them.
    With Chevy Spark you get 3 years maintenance free option, Hyundai Eon has better styling and new technology but smaller engine (800 CC). However, Maruti Wagon R Duo is actually one segment above the entry level Hyundai Eon and Spark and by virtue of this Wagon R has better space along with proven technology. I will suggest you should also check and test drive Hyundai i10 LPG (since you mentioned Wagon R) as that will have all the ingredients and good mix of technology, performance and style of an able performer if you opt for Wagon R. While in case of entry level car, I think Hyundai Eon should be a better option at this time.

    Hope this helps.


  126. sanjay:


    i want a purchase a new swift vxi or hyundai magna i10, after converting it in CNG. My monthly running is around 500km. Which one is suitable for me??


  127. Krishna Mohan:

    Thank you very much Ankit for your reply,
    I felt
    wagon R and i10 are exceeding my budget, so booked Spark LT LPG day before yesterday. But Now after seeing some of the negative reviews about spark in some blogs about the Central positioning of pannel, interior looks, boot space, mileage, etc., i got disappointed. Even though i went for test drive, as i am a starter of driving (just now learned driving) i dont have much idea about these things. Please give your expert advice to make a final decision, as i have applied for loan it takes time to get sanctioned, so i have time till i sign sanction papers.I need your advice ASAP. If at all i revert my decision, i will go with some used cars depending on avialability as any other new car within my budget dint catch my eye

    Krishna Mohan

  128. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Krishna,

    The things you mentioned like looks, central positioning of console and boot space are all personal choices. Boot space is not too less compared to other cars in the segment. Regarding central console, I understand it does a bit of practice to getting used to especially if you drive other cars but in you case it should not be a problem as this will be your first car. BTW, Toyota Etios also has central positioned console. Coming to mileage, I can tell from personal experience (was driving spark to office for past 15 days on petrol mode) that it can give you 16kmpl in city easily (again depends on driving style just make sure that you are in 5th gear when speed is anything above 50km/hr). On LPG, it should deliver around 12kmpl.
    In the end it is upto you to take the final call though check reviews for any car and you will find negatives for every one of them on the net. In that sense you will never be able to buy a car :)


  129. Santhanam Gopal:

    Between SX4 CNG and Punto diesel which is more comfortable for driver and for passengers in driving for long hours everyday. ride is within NCR Delhi only, CNG is easily available and the roads include city, highway and rural roads. because of backpain involved in driving Santro for long, planning to upgrade and comfort is the first and foremost criteria. second criteria of course, is that the car should look like stylish/status symbol when taken out for a party etc.
    pl advice.

  130. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Santhanam,

    Both the cars mentioned by you are of different segments (Premium Hatchback and Sedan). However, I will give you my views on the both. (Fiat Liena is a direct competitor of Maruti SX4)
    Fiat Punto diesel is good car and a value for money especially with the new features added in the 2012 models. The ride comfort and drive is also great. The 1.3 diesel is a world acclaimed engine which also does duty in Maruti and Tata cars. Though Maruti has tuned it in the best way to deliver maximum mileage. Having said that Punto too delivers good mileage numbers (around 17-18kmpl on diesel). The biggest downside is the after-sales network of Fiat. I know Tata has tied up with them, but I still doubt how effective it is as Tata pre-sales team did not respond to my queries or offereed me a test drive when I went to check out the Fiat Liena last month. So I wonder what will happen during servicing. Note that Punto has a service interval of 15000km and not 10000km unlike Maruti or Hyundai cars.

    On the other hand, Maruti SX4 CNG has the best after sales service and a great responsive engine. The comfort is decent (good compared to Punto but average when compared to Liena or City or Verna or Vento). It should give you mileage figures of 15 km per kg of CNG. The maintenance cost is average (comparable to Punto). Ground clearance of Sx4 is great and you should not have any troubles on rural roads with potholes. Lastly, it does is stylish and a being a 3 box (unlike Punto) has and edge in status symbol (as in India length of car defines one) :)

    Hope this helps.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  131. Ankit Maheshwari:

    With a monthly running of 500km you can even do with petrol without much need of CNG option. Though, if you still want to go with CNG option, then I will suggest the Hyundai i10 Magna for its better performance. Make sure you get the CNG fitted from company itself as it helps in delivering better performance along with mileage.


  132. Santhanam Gopal:

    Thanks for that quick reply Ankit,
    I think you’re saying that Punto is more comfortable in driving and in ride than SX4, then i’ll go for Punto between the two. that’s the most imp criteria. the diesel prices are higher than CNG and i’ll be able to compensate the difference in running cost by the difference in initial cost of investment. Punto diesel is around 1 lac cheaper than SX4 CNG. that’s why they were compared. hope between Punto diesel and Polo diesel, Punto is a good choice considering comfort

  133. v.sathyanathan:

    i need advice on buying first car
    iam planning to buy a car on may 2012
    iam a learner in car driving
    my usage will be only 20 km or less per day.
    may sometimes once in two months for a drive abt 1200km
    iam planning to buy a cheap and best disel car
    what should i go
    and maintanene should be less
    if u guide me for lpg/cng/petrol also iamglad but which car is ideal
    kindly suggest me
    il be glad enough

  134. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Fiat Punto will be more fun to drive with more gadgetry option available at the top end however, comfort will be more in Sx4 as it is a segment higher.
    Between VW Polo and Fiat Punto, I can only say that Punto can give you more value for money for every penny spend. Moreover, top end VW Polo Diesel cost somewhere around 8.5 lacs on road in Delhi which is way too high. Having said that the built quality of Polo is much robust than Punto and way ahead of Maruti or Hyundai cars.

  135. Ankit Maheshwari:

    First, I think you should not go for a diesel or any other fuel type except Petrol as your running will be only 500 km per month.
    Secondly, you will need to look out for options depending upon your budget. So for instance, if you are looking to make a purchase in entry level cars like Maruti Alto, Hyundai Eon or Chevy Spark, I will suggest Hyundai Eon should be a better option. Between Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai i10 and Chevy Beat Petrol i10 will be a better choice. Note that diesel options starts around 4.5 lacs with Chevy Beat as a good/better option than Tata Indica. All other diesel cars practically comes beyond 5lacs range.

  136. Rucha:

    I need advice on buying my first car. I am planning to buy car in may 2012 and I am a learner in car driving. My usage will be 20 km per day which may sometimes be 1200 km once in three months. I am planning to buy a Petrol car with less maintenance, as Diesel cars will be expensive considering cost. Also I would be glad if u can guide me for lpg/cng option. I have taken test drive for i10 and swift and also thinking of Honda Brio. Kindly suggest me which car should i consider.
    I will appreciate your suggestions.

  137. MAHENDRA:

    i am planing buy new car MARUTI ECO IN CNG. CNG is company fitted in this car and i will be using it for multiple reasons like business and for family runs. Daily running should be 500 km or around 13000 km per month. Should I go for this car pl suggest?

  138. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Maruti Eco is a wonderful car with a 1.2 Litre powerful engine. The space is amazing and all in all a real value for every penny. My advice: you should definitely go with it. On CNG it should easily give you around 18-20km per kg of gas.

  139. MAHENDRA:

    thanks sir

  140. Ankit Maheshwari:

    As per your monthly usage requirement you should not think of CNG/LPG options and petrol will should be the choice for you. Honda Brio is a wonder car with some brand value. However, as all Honda’s it is a bit costly compared to Hyundai i10 or the Maruti Swift. Also, if you think of adding CNG/LPG then should not for Honda as it will create warranty issues. Coming to Hyundai i10 and Maruti Swift, both are great cars and a value buy with low maintenance. I will suggest that in case of i10 go for the 1.2 Kappa model in place of 1.1L model. Though out of the two I personally with recommend Maruti Swift with is recently face-lifted. Only downside of Swift will be a comparatively smaller boot in terms of practicality compared to i10 which you will have to decide on how often you will need it.


    I have gone through some of the discussion above. It is informative and the blogger has given many useful information. Thanks.

  142. Muralidhar:

    good reviews you have put up.. I own an alto and intend to buy a second new car.. my running will be 30 to 50 km/day in Bangalore where speed breakers come in all sizes and shapes.. i m fixed between RITZ Vdi ABS vs Figo titanium diesel vs I10 Magna lpg vs wagon r duo.. m 6 ft .. have a family of tall people.. once a month long trips ..
    what would be the ideal choice? have done a lot of research.. still not able to decide.. i am planning to own the car for 4 to 5 yrs..
    please guide..

  143. Fazal:

    I am planning to buy a petrol car as my travel would be very less.Kindly suggest me between EON and WagonR or shall I go for a USED WagonR as I am still not a perfect driver.
    Also looking for good boot space,we are a family of 5.Please suggest me on teh budgetting also.

  144. SRK:

    I want to purchase a new CAR. My monthly running is around 500km but after 1 year it will be 30km/day.

    Which one is better for me diesel or petrol or CNG?

    If i go for Diesel considering my future use what will be the regular service/maintenance cost for it.

    If i am going for diesel then i can stretch my budget til Ritz LDI
    which car will be best for me?
    Please suggest……

  145. Dr. Shabbir:

    Dear Ankit,
    For a first timer to your page the info and commitment to help and guide are quite impressive!!!
    In Bangalore, I wish to buy a used Chevy Optra Magnum (2004 – 2007 models) and convert to LPG for family use. Kindly share your thoughts as to the conversion feasibility, technically the suitable kit (if known), and expected mileage from your experience. I understand there are a lot of ifs and but in this yet a general picture would suffice and appreciate your time. If anyone else following you have an experience to share, its welcome as well.

  146. Anand Bhosale:

    hi Ankit

    I need advice on buying my first car. my height is 6 ft and i want best mileage, and my running in month is approx. 500 km, plz suggest me which car i bye cng, lpg, petrol, i think diesel car prices is very high.
    I will appreciate your suggestions.

  147. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Considering your daily running (+ long trips) I will advice you can go with Diesel (considering you can do 18-20k km in a year). This means that you are down to Maruti Ritz and Ford Figo as your options where both of them are complete value for money. Check Swift Diesel maintenance cost here (Ritz have the same engine). Regarding Figo, the cost of maintenance will be around Rs.4000/- every 10,000 km (atleast till 60k km, have a figo that has done 60k only:) ). Both have a healthy mileage of around 18-20kmpl each.
    Figo might offer you better space inside while ingress and egress will be easier in Ritz considering your height. I will suggest that you take test drive of both the cars as per your comfort you can go with any. Note that Figo is better equipped as well compared to Ritz.

  148. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Fazal,

    I will not comment whether to buy a used car or new car as that is a matter of personal choice.
    Between Hyundai Eon and Maruti Wagon R, Wagon R will offer you more space (more headroom, boot space due to rectangular design) with a mileage of around 16kmpl under normal driving condition. Hyundai Eon is a modern car with more features and options (different variants to suit your budget) and better mileage (should give 18kmpl).
    I think I will go with Eon especially due to its modern looks and better technology even with a smaller displacement engine of 800cc compared to 1000cc of Wagan R.


  149. Fazal:

    Thank you for the feedback.

  150. sandeep:

    Dear Ankit,

    I am confused between chevy beat diesel and beat LPG, which are costing me 581000 and 530000 respectively on road price.
    My average running per month is 1500km which can increase upto 1800km per month.
    please suggest which option should I go for ?
    I want to buy beat only….

  151. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Dr. Shabbir,

    Chevy Optra works well on LPG and it should not be an issue getting the car converted. However, make sure that you get the LPG kit installed from an authorized station only and also get the necessary changes done in the RC book along with Insurance certificate. Regarding the mileage, it should be around 8-9kmpl on LPG mode under normal city driving condition.

    Having said that, I will recommend that you should also check Optra Magnum Diesel which is more powerful compared to Petrol sibling with a mileage figure of around 14-15kmpl. I suggest it because the cost of getting a new LPG kit installed and making changes in RC and insurance might be equal to the additional cost of second had diesel Optra (on petrol).

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  152. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Anand,

    With a monthly running of only 500km, I will suggest that you should only buy a petrol as you will not be able to break-even any additional cost for alternate fuel or diesel. You have not mentioned your budget range so I am taking a guess in suggesting cars. In terms of best mileage Hyundai i10 kappa 1.2 and Maruti Swift can be the possible choices in around 5lacs bracket with mileage figues of around 17-18kmpl. They offer decent space inside. However, Hyundai i20 or the Honda Jazz has really good space in the premium hatchback segment and you can go with any of them. They should give you a mileage of around 15kmpl. In the 7-8 lacs segment Nissan Sunny is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to internal space, followed by Toyota Etios and then the City, Vento and Verna.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  153. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Here are the calculation that might help you decide:

    Approx. Mileage on LPG = 12kmpl
    Approx. Cost of LPG = Rs.45/-
    Per Km running cost of LPG = Rs.3.75/-
    Approx. Mileage of Diesel = 18kmpl
    Approx. Cost of Diesel = Rs.42/-
    Per Km running cost of Diesel = Rs.2.33/-

    Difference per km running = Rs.1.41/-
    Extra cost of diesel will be covered in (break-even) = 36,000km
    Time for traveling 36K km = 1.5-2 years approx.
    *Change the above numbers with actuals prevailing fuel prices in your city.

    From the I will say that you should go with a Diesel assuming that you will keep the car of atleast 5 years and can start to ripe in profit from 2 yr onwards of the extra cost.

    Hope this helps.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  154. Ankit Maheshwari:

    If you want to go with the Diesel Ritz here is a link to the post that I did last year on the maintenance and ownership of Maruti’s Diesel engine which is same in Swift and Ritz.

    Having said that I will suggest that with a monthly running of only 500km you should consider petrol vehicle only for now. Once your running increases you can always go with the CNG fittment from authorized service station.


  155. Dr. Shabbir:

    Dear Ankit,
    Thank you for your constructive suggestions and advice on my query. Hope I will find the right vehicle soon.
    Appreciate your time and effort.
    Dr. Shabbir

  156. sandeep:

    Thanks a lot Ankit…….
    We finally booked Beat Diesel, really appreciate ur knowledge and calculations.

  157. sandeep:

    Dear Ankit,

    Plz suggest whether that teflon coating is necessary or not ? and which is better 3M or Waxsol.?

  158. Vaibhav:

    Hey Ankit,
    I’m from Gurgaon and planning to buy a new car and my monthly run is around 1200 kms. I’ve been a little confused whether to go for CNG or diesel fuel option.
    I’ve shortlisted Hyundai i10 (CNG) and Beat Diesel LS.
    Would be of great help if you can suggest which option would be best or if sum other better option I can take into consideration.
    My budget is anywhere between 4 – 5.5 Lacs.

    -Vaibhav Rajpal

  159. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Sandeep,

    Teflon coating is a kind of clear coat applied/sprayed on the car that protects the paint from direct contact to foreign materials like dirt. Also, during cleaning process the dirt particles can add scratches which do not reflect on car paint as only the coating is scratched. It is upto you to see if you need it or not. Personally, it is not that important if you take due care while cleaning the car. Also, it only last for maximum of 2 years and then you will have to re-do it.
    Lastly, it is always good to bargain with the dealer to add this as a freebee. (I got it as complementary for both my cars).


  160. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Vaibhav,

    Diesel has a advantage over CNG in terms of power and pick-up along with boot space that you still save. Plus you save a lot of time queueing up on CNG station to get the fuel in. Also, if you are a frequent highway traveler then Diesel makes more sense as it is easily available while CNG can be really costly outside of Delhi NCR (like around Rs.57-58 per Kg in Mathura). Having said that, when it comes to mileage, i10 CNG should easily give you around 21-22km per kg of CNG while Beat Diesel can manage 18-19kmpl.

    If you have a budget of around 5.5lacs I will personally recommend that you should check and test drive the Ford Figo Diesel and I am sure you will be surprised with the amount of space it can offer. Also, its maintenance is equal to any hatchback petrol car even with a much higher engine capacity.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  161. Bhanu Prasad:

    Hi ankit,

    I wd like to buy a Hyundai i10. my monthly usage would be 500 to 700km. it may increase later… shall i go for i10 1.2 or i10 1.1 lpg? which one is economical…?


  162. chan:

    Hi Ankit,
    I read all your answers,awesome…great contribution and instruction to new buyers.

    I am planing to buy a Wagon-R but still there is a confusion (budget constraint) on deciding variant either VXi (petrol) or LXi (DUO).After reading above comments, I concluded myself that i should go with VXi (petrol) because my usage could be between 500 – 750 in month (I guess for next 2 years or may get change). my friend is suggesting me to choose the DUO variant considering fuel cost.

    Below are my clarifications,

    1. if my usage could be 500 – 750 km per month then Is duo variant suitable for me?
    2.even if i buy Duo but i use only petrol (or very few times with LPG) then will it impact my car performance?
    3.I heard LPG enabled cars brings more maintenance cost if the usage is very less, I mean when usage only up to 750km per month.
    4.if we go with Petrol only (VXi) version now and fitting Lpg provision in future when there is a real need. if so then
    a)we may get performance issue?
    b) Insurance may not cover if we get any problem after Lpg installation?

    I would appreciate your reply ASAP with in-line answers.


  163. Vaibhav:

    Hey Ankit,
    Thanks for those inputs which i can definitely say, have made things a lot easier for me.
    Would definitely consider test driving the Ford Figo before I make the final choice, though I don’t think I would require that much space as i’m a bachelor and also for the same price I would be getting a higher version of Beat and more features.

  164. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Yes, considering the price point Ford might offer less equipments than the Beat.

  165. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Bhanu,

    I will recommend Hyundai i10 1.2 as it is more fuel efficient and powerful than the i10 1.1
    With monthly running of just 500km it is better you go with petrol car itself as LPG does not make much sense.

    - Ankit

  166. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Chan,

    Here is what I think:

    1) In your case you have fixed the budget; its just the variant and fuel option that will vary. So, if you are fine with the lower variant than I will say simply go with the Wagon R Duo as there is no break-even period for you as you will still be investing the same amount of money. On LPG wagon R should give around 13-14kmpl while on petrol it should give around 15-16kmpl
    2) If you do not want to use LPG, then you should simply buy Wagon R Vxi model with more features. BTW, performance on Petrol will not be hit. Its just that you are carrying some extra kilos of LPG tank (+LPG) at the rear which can add a few milliseconds in top performance which is negligible.
    3) The power is still generated through engine, its just that the fuel supply line is different. No major maintenance hit however, as with any other machine unused parts does develop some lethargy. Still if you are running regularly even for 750 km a month nothing bad can actually happen.
    4a) No performance hit, it should be at par with company fitted LPG if fitted from authorized station. Its just that you will lose bootspace as aftermarket kits are fitted like CNG.
    4b) You will need to get your car re-registered along with update in your insurance copy after conversion.

    Hope this helps.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  167. chan:

    Thanks for your inputs, great job!

  168. faruk:

    dear mr Ankit ji, i liked ur blog is it give more use full tips, for new car buyers, hope i would have got ur blog 33 mounth earlier, rit now i have tata indi go cs, diesel version, till now i have my car have run all ready 56000 km in these 33 month i.e nearly 1700 km per mth, i would just like to know that was my decision to buy my tata ingigo cs, diesel version was ok? At that time i bought it @ 510000 on road, i live in gujarat, where cng gas is also avilable, was my choice of indigo cs diesel rite, as in ur blog u dident even mantion these car atlest once? and in feature i would like to sell it after 5 years if there is no major maintenances before that, will it be ok to keep it for more 2-3 yers with my same car? at these time i m very much happy with my car’s performance, and maintenance, which car should i buy after this one, from right now available car models? and yes last but not least, i noted u did not even suggested any one of any tata car models to any one? whats the reason behind it? should we not consider tatas in near feature too, and y? tnx

  169. Kishor mali:

    Ankit sir, Good afternoon,
    My basic requirements are best fuel economy , comfort and low maintainance car.
    max use 300- 400 km in month.
    As I live in pune Max people 2 , occasionally [once in qtr] 4 peole will sit in car.
    So I m thinking to purchace A star VXI as i have max budget 4.6 lac. as me and my wife r going to sit in car on front seat everytime so I dont think boot space at back will be a issue.
    Need your advice is it right decision. or can u suggest other option at the same budget for best fuel efficient car…..

  170. biju:

    Hi Ankit,

    I have an alto Lxi used for city driving.
    I would like to buy another car for daily travel of 80 to 100KMs.

    Which car should i go for…

    1. CNG or Diesel ?
    2. Hows Alto CNG ? or Can you suggest any other car (in the price range of Alto CNG)?

    Thanks in advance.

  171. mithil:

    i m owning a maruti suzuki omni bs4 model, i am planing to convert my van from petrol to cng, is cng compatibale with omni engine, as its only a 800cc engine and which cng kit suits it the most

  172. minhaj:

    hi Ankit i admire ur knowledge n enjoy reading ur blogs.
    i m planning to buy a second hand 2nd owner Honda city 1999 model type 2 1.5 exi. my queries are
    1.Is it advisable 2 convert this car to CNG as its an old car since i hv a run of 70-80 kms per day.
    2.CNG kits are huge n heavy which is a load to the suspensions. Do v get a smaller kit which can cover maximum 100 kms per day
    3. The car is fairly good, neat n clean. Only problem is the engine makes a little sound n as per my knowledge honda cars hv the smoothest and silent engine. My mechanic says its the honda city type 2 birth right. Is it true?
    4. This car is sold at a price of 1.25 lacs without the CNG kit. Is it a fair deal to buy

  173. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Kishor,

    A-star is a good car with great mileage backed by Maruti’s reliable service network. Still I will recommend that you should test drive Hyundai i10 1.2 before making a final decision as i10 is much more fun to drive and also has better mileage than the A-star. However, I do understand that it might not give you all the features within 4.5 lacs price band.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  174. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Minhaj,

    I will try my best to reply to your queries:
    1. One of my friends is using a Honda City (Year 2000 model) with CNG and he has found absolutely no issues with the it. So I think there should not be any issues converting your car to CNG.
    2. Generally a 12kg capacity cylinder is fitted in small and mid-size sedan cars. Also, there is no point going in for a smaller sized cylinder as in 12 kg cylinder we generally end up getting only 8-9 kgs of CNG (depends on pressure of pump, atmospheric temperature).
    3. It is difficult to comment on this point (without listening to the actual sound) though older Honda do have a bit higher sound than the current generation ones.
    4. Again, I will not be able to comment on the price without looking at the car. Having said that the price looks reasonable if you say that the car is neat and clean and in good condition.

    On a side note, just make sure that the car is not an accidental one (if it is really neat and clean) and also ensure the complete paperwork.

    Hope this helps.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  175. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Biju,

    I am afraid that in the Alto CNG price range none of the diesels are available in the market as all of them start at 4 lacs onwards.
    Other car that you can consider in this range is the Chevy Spark CNG.

    - Ankit

  176. Sai Krishna:

    Hi Ankit,

    Recently I purchased Hyundai Santro Xing XG, 2005 model car with Petrol. I am thinking to convert from Petrol to CNG at some authorised dealer.

    When I asked that dealer, there is no problem in the car after fitting CNG kit.

    Please suggest me that can I go with conversion or not? If so, is there any mileage drop with petrol, any engine problems, any pick up problems?

    Let suggest me.

  177. minhaj:

    hey ankit thnx for the response its really helpful. Also this honda city type 2 1999 model has run almost 90000 kms n as i told u earlier mks a little cranky sound. Still do u recommend to convert this car to a CNG considering that it does not impact the engine life because running on petrol is totally out of question.

    I also spoke to my friend who works for Honda. He said Honda service centres does not accept cars for service which is converted to CNG. Why is it like that. Does the CNG kit affects the engine life

    Many of my other friends told me that running on CNG is good only thing is inthe morning u must start ur car on petrol on run on it for atleast 5-6 kms every day

    Reply early. Thnx in advance Ankit

  178. Hemant Dangar:


    Ankit, I have purchased old wagon R 2004 model with LPG fitted from my relatives and it is well maintained car.
    My daily running will be aprx 1000 KM and I am planing to change LPG to CNG because LPG price reach to 50 same as CNG in Gujarat and if you compare avarage, CNG will give near by 20 Km compare to LPG 13 -14 KM …is it right decison to change from LPG to CNG?

    Pls advice ?

  179. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Minhaj,

    Honda cars are known for there performance and I have see Honda City just as smooth in drive as a new one even after doing 2lac km on the odometer. So 90K km should not be an issue (if car is well maintained over the years).

    Yes, it is true that Honda warranty lapse and these guys do not take up service of the vehicles fitted with external kits. In fact Honda are the only car maker currently with this norm. Having said that since your car is 1999 model, I am assuming you do not have to think about warranty issues. You can simply get the car serviced from local mechanics.

    Yes, it is always good that you start the car on petrol mode and do drive a short distance on petrol periodically.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  180. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Hemant,

    Here are the calculation:

    Assumption: Changing to CNG might cost somewhere around Rs40,000/- additional (your old LPG might go at a cost of around 10K while new CNG kit might cost 50K including RC changes and insurance changes). Also, realistically you might only get 18kmpl on CNG on a 2004 Wagon R model.

    Now assuming that price of fuel is same at Rs.50 per kg

    Per Km Cost of running on LPG = 50/14 = Rs3.5/-
    Per Km Cost of running on CNG = 50/18 = Rs2.7/-
    Difference in running cost = Rs0.8/-
    Monthly running = 3000km
    Cost recovered by month = Rs2,400/-
    Time required to break-even = 1 year and 10 months approx.

    Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want to invest in CNG or not (It only will make sense if you intend to keep the car for more than 3 years.)
    Also, make sure that you have enough CNG stations around otherwise you might be traveling unnecessarily just get your car re-fueled which is again an added cost.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  181. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Sai Krishna,

    There is no problem with converting the car to CNG. There will be no mileage and performance drop while you want to run on petrol. However, on CNG you might feel performance and pick-up drop but the mileage will improve by around 4 km/kg of CNG than on petrol mode.

    Just make sure that you get only authorized kit fitted in the car preferably sequential one.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  182. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Mithil,

    Yes, Omni does support CNG kits and no troubles and as testimony you can see a large number of Omni cabs in and around Delhi NCR running on CNG. However, power and pick-up of the car do suffer on CNG mode. I will recommend that you should go with any of the authorized Italian CNG kits.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  183. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi, Tata Indigo CS is a good car with decent performance. You should be able to easily do 1 lacs+ km on it without troubles. Regarding your query on which should be your next car after 3 years, I will say it is too early as by that time the complete automobile industry might see a drastic change (probably moving towards fuel cell propulsion).
    Reason for not recommending Tata cars can vary from; there are much better petrol cars in the market like Hyundai’s and Maruti’s and most of the people on my blog query about petrol cars only. Having said that this was a good observation and I will surely take care of it.

    - Ankit Maheshwari

  184. Prashant:

    My Running is around 1200-1300 kms per month. Should I go for Swift VDI or VXI? I intend to keep the car for long term.

  185. Tapan Upadhyay:

    I am from mumbai and my monthly travel will be around 1200Km mostly in and around mumbai.
    I can strech my budget to 6.5-7 lacs. Although i am more inclined towards CNG but many frenz are not recommending it. I am confused should i go for Petrol or diesel or CNG?
    Cars that i have in my mind -
    Petrol – Swift Vxi, Dzire Vxi
    Diesel – Ritz Vdi, Swift Vdi, Dzire Vdi
    CNG – Accent CNG, Aveo CNG.
    I have heard CNG is not good even if its company fitted because of pickup and power problem and also car smells bad beacse of CNG.
    What is the mileage that Aveo or accent CNG will give?
    Could you please give your valuable suggestion on the same.

    Thanks !!

  186. Mithil:

    Hi Ankit,
    found your blog very helpful. I drive around 60kms to office daily. I have an Ikon petrol which has a mileage of around 9-10 with AC. My wife has a Maruti 800 99 model which we are planning to exchange with CNG vehicle as I will be using it daily. We are planning to retain Ikon for long journeys and also that my wife use it as she her use only minimal. I would be glad to get your opinion in this matter.

  187. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Tapan,

    You can go with diesel itself since you have a budget of 6.5-7 lacs and all the cars you mentioned whether on CNG or diesel will come under your budget. With this, you will not have to compromise on power and pickup or the boot space. Also, you will have not have to queue up every other day to get the CNG filled in. Having said that, CNG on bigger engine cars like Hyundai Accent or Chevy Aveo do not compromise on power or pick-up. Also, they do not give foul smell in smaller cars.
    Both Hyundai Accent and Aveo should give you a mileage of around 15km per kg of CNG around town while smaller cars like Hyundai i10 CNG can manage upto 22-23 km/kg. Maruti Ritz diesel can manage about 18-19kmpl while new Swift and Swift Dzire can do 19-20kmpl in city with AC on but a lot will depend on driving style. On petrol both Swift and Ritz should manage 15-16kmpl in city.

    If I have to chose a diesel then I might pick new Swift Dzire as it has all the comfort and style of Swift with compromising of boot space drawback that swift has. Other option that you can consider in this price bracket is Toyota Etios and Tata Manza which have maximum space in this segment.

    Hope this helps

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  188. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Mithil,

    I assume you want to replace your Maruti 800 with a new CNG vehicle. Since you have not mentioned your budget it will be hard to give any direct options. However, if you are looking a car in the 3-4 lacs budget then Chevy Spark is an option, Hyundai i10 CNG can be a great/recommended choice in 4-5 lacs bracket. In case of 5-7 lacs Hyundai Accent CNG or Chevy Aveo can be a decent choice while Toyota Etios also makes a practical choice with CNG with great space and Toyota reliability.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  189. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Considering that price of petrol is Rs.65/- and that of diesel is Rs.42 per litre while mileage of Swift Diesel is 20kmpl and Swift petrol is 16kmpl.
    Cost of running petrol swift per km = Rs.4.06/-
    Cost of running diesel swift per km = Rs.2.1/-
    Difference in running cost = Rs.1.96/-
    Difference in initial cost of two vehicles = Rs.125,000/-

    Km run required before break even of extra cost = 64,000km approx
    Time taken for covering 64K Km = 4 years 3 months approx.

    So, if you do plan to keep the car for more than 5 years than you can consider of buying a diesel. Also, I heard that select Ritz Diesel models are readily available while Swift diesel has a waiting of 8 months approx. So you can consider Ritz if you do not plan to wait that long.

    -Ankit Maheshwari

  190. Sudip:

    Hi Ankit,
    I am thinking to buy a small car and my budget is around 5 lacs My running is around 500km/month and I am confused between LPG and CNG, CNG is more efficient but the availability is Less. I Like Chevrolet BEAT and there is no option for CNG :(
    I have 2 options 1) Buy a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R which has company fitted CNG kit or 2) Buy a chervy beat and fit CNG kit from outside.
    My questions are :
    1) Which is the Best Beat or Wagon R (Sorry I couldn’t find i10 CNG anywhere on net)
    2) If i purchase Beat and fit CNG kit like LOVATO from outside does it voids the warranty ??
    3) if i void the warranty what will be the impact ? does the chervy guyz totally stop the support ?
    3) What about the Beat LPG ?

  191. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Sudip,

    Here are my responses:
    1. I will go with Wagon R CNG when compared to Beat CNG. Can you confirm what you meant by unable to find i10 CNG?
    2. Most likely the warranty will lapse, still check with the dealer once as it is more dependent on dealer these days.
    3. The impact can be anything: my friend got his i10 converted to CNG from outside after a month of purchase. The starter of the car failed after some time and had to pay 3K to get a new one which was otherwise under warranty if he had not installed the CNG from outside. Similar things can happen with any other under-warranty parts
    3. Beat LPG is a good option considering that bootspace is still available but will not give more than 11-12km/l of mileage which is a bit of downside. On the contrary Wagon R LPG can give around 14km/l of mileage.


  192. Tapan Upadhyay:

    Thanks a lot Ankit for your valuable inputs !!

  193. minhaj:

    hey Ankit thnx for ur advice i hv purchsaed the hona city type 2 1999 model. now the issue is wch CNG kit do u suggest for the car. Lot of people told me Bedini n lovato is good kit. Wud u plz suggest the best kit to install in my car as i just lv my car lk crazy

  194. Vaibhav:

    Hi Ankit,

    I’m from Delhi and looking forward to buying a new car. My average monthly run is about 600 kms/ month and can go upto 800 to 1000 once in two months (outstation trips). Can you suggest fuel type I should be opting for.

    Also considering Petrol, how about going for Hyundai Eon as it is low in cost, high on mileage and overall looks & performance.

    I have a budget anywhere between 3 – 4 Lacs or maybe at the max I can extend it to 4.5.

    Kindly suggest about the fuel type and the car I should be looking for and that Eon is a good choice considering my usage.

  195. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Minhaj,

    You can go with any authorized italian kit. Just make sure that you get a sequential mgi one installed which is new technology. It is costly though but worth every penny as delivers much higher efficiency.


  196. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Vaibhav,

    Considering your budget range as well as monthly running (800km max.) diesel is almost out of question. You have mentioned that you will have outstation trips once every two months which means that boot space is a must for you and with CNG you will lose it completely. Moreover, CNG is less readily available outside Delhi NCR.

    Considering the above factors you should look for Petrol models or company fitted LPG options. Hyundai Eon is a good car and if you like it you can go with it and it also has the option for LPG. Other options that you can consider in this segment are Chevy Spark which also has decent space inside compared to Eon however, overall mileage wise Eon is much better.


  197. Balaji Gupta Jami:

    HI Ankit,

    Very informative replies and gives an idea for persons like me to buy a new car.
    Help me to buy my First Car,
    I am looking for car which is fully loaded with all safety features like airbags, ABS, EBD, … My travelling will be approx 1500 km or more for month, we (with my family i mean) seen models in maruthi, hyundai, Ford, polo, honda, and now trying to close on FIGO or Polo,

    can you help me to finalize??


  198. Ankit Maheshwari:

    Hi Balaji,

    Both Ford Figo and VW Polo are good cars having all the features like ABS, Airbags in their top-end models. In terms of mileage as well both the cars are equally poised with around 20-21 kmpl (depending upon driving condition/style). However, in your comment you have not said anything about the budget so I have given some details below. The top end diesel model of Ford Figo is almost Rs1.6 lacs cheaper than VW Polo’s top end diesel. In terms of maintenance; while Ford Figo will need servicing every 10,000km of approximately Rs5-6K; VW Polo has a service interval of 15,000km with cost coming to around Rs.10-11K

    Overall in terms of value of money Ford Figo will be a better choice as it is equipped with more features than Polo and is priced aggressively. Their Price difference can cover the running and maintenance cost of Figo for around 2.5 years.
    Having said that Polo trumps Figo with more power, faster pick-up and better high speed stability. Other point that you should consider is the distance of service centers of the Ford and VW dealerships from your home (closer being the better).

    So, if you have extra money to spare and you love Polo’s looks more than Figo’s; you can go with Polo else settle for Figo and you will not be disappointed.

    Ankit Maheshwari

  199. Balaji Gupta Jami:

    Dear Ankit,
    thanks for the response, we have decided to go for a Petrol car.
    We are trying to decide between Brio and i 10, can you suggest?
    As said, we are looking for a fully loaded version?
    your advice will help us more to finalize.

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